Dr. Gregory Scott Koenig has lived in Nevada most of his life. He is a fourth generation Nevadan, with children and grandchildren continuing the legacy in this great state by making Nevada their home. He was born out of state while his dad was fighting in Vietnam, but returned at the age of five. He completed his K-12 schooling in Fallon and did some of his undergraduate work at UNR. He attended Pacific University College of Optometry near Portland, and returned to Fallon to start his own practice upon graduation. Dr. Koenig now has practices in Fallon, Fernley, and Yerington. He and his wife Terra have been married for over 30 years. They have 3 children, Kennedy, Baylee and Davis as well as 5 grandchildren.

Dr. Koenig has significant experience in local government. He served 12 years on the Churchill County School Board, with half of that time as board president. He was also president of the Nevada Association of School Boards, and sat on the NIAA board which oversees high school athletics for the entire state. Currently, Dr. Koenig is a Churchill County Commissioner.

He is active in his church and enjoys his early morning basketball games, golf (don’t ask him his handicap), painting, traveling, and making memories with his family.


  • Committed to upholding and protecting the constitution
  • Wants fewer/simplified taxes
  • Proponent of smaller government
  • Strong defender of 2nd amendment rights
  • Actively supports education and feels it is severely underfunded. Wants to develop and promote more Career and Technical Education (CTE) in schools
  • Supports election integrity. Voters need proof of citizenship and a valid ID
  • Will work to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare, especially in rural areas
  • Supports law enforcement, first responders, and the military
  • Believes Nevada’s natural resources such as solar, geothermal, and wind should be used for the benefit of our citizens
  • Not opposed to immigration; opposed to illegal immigration
  • Strongly opposes any unfunded mandates

I love Nevada, especially rural Nevada; to me it’s home. It’s been frustrating lately to see how our small conservative communities are completely overshadowed by the larger metropolitan areas of Las Vegas, and to some extent, Reno. I long for the days when our state was governed by conservatives. I want to do everything I can to return to those days. I’m ready to stand up and fight for our rural way of life.

– Dr. Koenig